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A Done-For-You Sales Team That Is Making My Clients A Combined $20m Of High-ticket Sales Each Year Using A Secret Inverse Closing Method.

For Coaches, Consultants, Experts and Service providers.
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Why Our
Clients Hire Us For DFY High Ticket Sales

Simply put, we take the stress out of High ticket sales by doing the heavy lifting for you! My professionally trained and highly experienced High ticket sales teams will:

  • Conduct your High ticket sales calls and follow up with leads in an experienced, professional and timely manner.
  • Significantly scale your High ticket sales revenue by enrolling more new clients.
  • Always represent your brand with professionalism and integrity.
  • Enable you to free up your time from sales calls so you can spend more time working on your business rather than in your business.
  • To maximize your High ticket sales ROI, our appointment setters will call all No shows to get them back on our calendars.
  • Realtime detailed reporting on your High ticket sales call stats.
  • No retainers- All our closers are commission only closers. Therefore, you only pay for results.
My Team Is Personally Trained In My Groundbreaking

Inverse Closing Method™

My 5-step signature system designed to work with the prospect’s own decision-making process to overcome ‘buyer’s resistance’ and convert them into high-paying clients without pushy and outdated sales tactics.

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Who I
Work With

I only work with High ticket service providers who are looking for remote closers for hire, that I’m confident I can help and will never take you on if we’re not a good fit. This is what I look for:

  • High-ticket service providers offering services in excess of $2500 (coaches, consultants, experts, service providers and training providers)
  • Your offer has some traction with proven High ticket sales
  • Your offer is ethical and can produce the results it promises
  • Your marketing should be optimised to reach your target audience
  • ​You should have the capacity to take on significantly more clients

Why Work With Me

I’ve been involved in High-ticket selling for over two decades and in that time, I’ve developed a very deep understanding of how the prospect’s mind works when it comes to the buying process.

This insight led me to create my revolutionary Inverse Closing Method™ which works by taking buyers on a journey so engaging and powerful that they naturally say ‘yes’ to the sale at the end of it.

The whole sales experience is a positive one, meaning your business enjoys higher conversions whilst protecting its brand reputation AND your prospect is happy – a true win-win scenario!

$40+ Million

Closing Revenue

150+ Sales Calls

Per Day


Call Capacity


Adam Cerra

  • Sales Expert & Trainer in the Coaching, Consulting, & Personal Development Industries Since 2004
  • Creator of the revolutionary Inverse Closing System™
  • Closed More Than $30 Million In High-ticket Sales
  • Developed, Trained, and Managed Sales Teams 100+
  • Experienced In Scaling Sales Teams To Over 100 In 12 Months
  • Trained Hundreds of Remote closers & commission only High-ticket closers
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Q. Is it cost-effective to outsource my High-ticket sales to you?
Q. What does your ‘done for you’ closing service actually provide?
Q. My audience is in a niche demographic – are you able to sell to them?
Q. When I hire you, what conversion rate should I expect?
Q. I can hire a High ticket closer or Enrollment coach myself – why do I need an outsourced High ticket closer team?
What is your call handling capacity?
Q. What are your fees?
Q. Do you charge a basic fee or retainer for your outsourced team?
Q. Why would your High ticket sales closers work on a commission-only basis?
Q. Do I need to provide leads?
Q. What preparation do I need to complete before you start selling for me?
Q. How quickly can you onboard me?
Q. When can I expect to see results?
Q. How do I know you’re using the best High-ticket closers for my offer?
Q. How can I be sure you’ll represent my brand in an authentic manner?
Q. Will you lock me into a long-term contract?
Q. Why should I hire you instead of hiring a High ticket closer directly?
Q. I’ve had a very bad experience before with High-ticket closer agencies, how can I be sure this won’t happen again?
Q. When should I consider outsourcing?
Q. With such a large team how do you keep up the quality?
Q. What are the other differences between you and other High ticket outsourced agencies?
Q. Do you offer your done-for-you High ticket sales service in any other languages?

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