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The High-Ticket Revolution Is Here – Are YOU Ready?

Groundbreaking NEW Book Reveals The Inside Secrets To Closing High-Ticket Sales Like A Boss With 8-10k Commissions Per Month Like Clockwork!

The sales industry needs a shakeup – and nowhere does it need a greater shakeup than the high-ticket space.

Traditional selling techniques are outdated by a long shot because they rely on pushy, salesy and often slimy, high-pressure techniques that are all about hitting sales targets and nothing to do with the prospect…

No surprise then that these old-school techniques fail spectacularly in the high-ticket expert space and send prospects running a mile  – they’re simply too aggressive.

It can leave closers and those looking to break into this extremely lucrative space struggling to make ends meet…

There is a better way!

With more than 20 years of experience selling high-ticket programs for some of the leading experts, influencers and thought leaders in the world, my Inverse Closing ™System is the true secret behind my success.

This incredible NEW methodology has resulted in the following:

  • Personally closing over $40m in high-ticket sales
  • Trained countless teams to radically improve their sales conversion rate (often doubling, tripling or even quadrupling their sales!)
  • My own personal team of closers are currently closing over a $1m/month in sales for our clients
  • Training complete newbies who’ve never taken a sales call in their life to earning consistent 8-10k months
  • Helping existing closers dramatically improve their skills so they’re able to close more often and earn higher commissions
  • Allowed my closers to live their dream lifestyle – and being able to work from anywhere in the world with just their phone and a laptop
  • Taking a complete newbie in sales and training him so he was able to close over $1m in sales in just 10 months!

The Inverse Closing™System is all about helping prospects come to an empowered buying decision and is so effective, prospects close themselves™.

I’ve had countless clients pay me over 6 figures to train their teams…

Plus I’ve had independent closers and people from all walks of life who are looking to break into high-ticket sales practically begging me to train them in my Inverse Closing ™System.

Which is why I’m currently in the process of writing my book: ‘The High-Ticket Phenomena – A Closer’s New Road to Six Figure Freedom’…

Due for release in early 2023, The High-ticket Phenomena breaks down in detail why the old way of selling is broken.

More importantly, it will give you the roadmap to success, showing you how to close more, earn more and skyrocket your income as a closer in the high-ticket space.

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