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High-Ticket Revolution:

The ONLY Book You Need To Overcome Your ‘Sales Blindspots’, Catapult Your Commissions & Closing Rate & Finally STOP Losing Sales…
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“This book has my earnest endorsement and it’s certainly time for you to throw out “99 Effective Closes” or whatever else is occupying dead space on your bookshelf, and put this book in its place. Adam’s methodology works, and works fast.”
Oren Klaff
Bestselling author of ‘Pitch Anything’ and ‘Flip The Script.’

Fed up with scraping by on low commissions?

Sick and tired of working long hours with little to show for it?

Hate losing supposedly ‘easy’ sales with no idea why?

This is the sad reality facing even experienced closers who just want to make a good living but struggle with leaking sales.

The brutal truth is that if you’re going through any of the following:

  • Swinging between good and bad months
  • Have no consistency or predictability in your closing rates
  • Stuck doing endless follow ups with prospects
  • Continue to get ghosted by prospects
  • Constantly facing objections
  • Zero understanding of how to create REAL urgency and scarcity (without coming off as a pushy, high-pressure closer)

…It’s highly likely you’ve got ‘sales blindspots’ that are losing you sales.

Losing sales ultimately means being unable to hit your sales targets, meaning fewer commissions for you.

It’s time to fix this problem once and for all.

Hey, I’m Adam Cerra, and over the last 20 years, I’ve personally closed over $40m worth of high-ticket programs using an elite system you won’t find anywhere else…

My current team of closers are doing over two million a month in sales for our clients that include some of the best experts, influencers and thought leaders in the world.

Over the years, I’ve lost count of the number of sales teams I’ve personally trained using my revolutionary 5 step signature system – Inverse Closing Method™.

I’ve Been There My Friend, And I Know Your Struggle…

I developed this system after spending years facing constant rejections, having the phone slammed down on me, and being ghosted by prospects who I thought were certain to buy.

I knew there had to be a better way to close – in a way that felt good for both me AND my prospects while giving me consistency in both my sales and my income.

That’s why I stopped doing what everyone else was doing and started focusing on the deeper psychology of my prospects instead.

After working with hundreds of closers just like you, here’s the key difference between rockstar closers and those scraping by:

Your success comes down to one thing – and that’s masterfully overcoming your sales blindspots.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been selling for years…

If you don’t know what your sales blindspots are, you’ll constantly lose sales and worse, never catapult your commissions either.

And that’s exactly why I wrote my book:

‘The High-Ticket Revolution: From Zero To $ix Figures – A Closer’s Journey To Wealth’…

In it, I dive deep into my Inverse Closing Method™ – a system so successful, prospects close themselves™!

Even in ‘difficult’ markets with typically low conversion rates, my Inverse Closing Method™ has enabled closers to double, triple and even quadruple their closing rate…

And all without any ‘old school’ (and highly ineffective) methods such as rapport building, objection handling or any of the other inferior tactics most sales ‘gurus’ teach.

Fix Your Sales Blindspots NOW!

If you’ve been closing high-ticket sales for a while now and you flip between good months and bad months, it means you haven’t fully mastered the art of closing.

It’s why you need a complete end-to-end system based on buyer psychology that shows you how to powerfully overcome every single sales blindspot so you never miss a sale again.

Look, I don’t need to remind you that if you don’t dramatically improve your closing rate, you’ll always lose out to closers who are more skilled than you – period!

The fact is that the best closers take the lion’s share of calls – and of course commissions… leaving you in an embarrassing situation of not enough month left at the end of your money…

And worse… making you look as if you’ve been slacking off!

Every closer wants to be the best, but unless you have a system in place to help you, it’s not going to happen.

My Inverse Closing Method™ will help you:

  • Potentially double, triple or even quadruple your current closing rate consistently (and make you look like a ‘sales prodigy’ in the process!)
  • Become a highly respected and sought-after closer that gets insane results (clients will be falling over themselves to hire you AND you’ll no longer play second-fiddle to the top closers in your team)
  • Skyrocket your income and maximise commissions without leaving money on the table every month
  • Confidently work around existing commitments without feeling the pressure to hit sales targets
  • Live the ultimate ‘laptop lifestyle’, other people only dream about
  • Dramatically increase freedom and flexibility to live life on your own terms
  • Stop worrying about the future as you’ll always be in demand!

Change Your Sales Technique… Change Your Life!

High-Ticket Revolution will give you a dive deep into my Inverse Closing Method™, showing you how to close like a boss to create financial freedom FAST!

More importantly, it will give you the roadmap to success, so you can confidently navigate your sales blindspots with ease.

Ultimately, you’ll close more, earn more and skyrocket your commissions at warp-speed!

You’ll finally be able to:

  1. Close consistently and predictably
  2. Earn higher commissions
  3. Have more freedom without the stress
  4. Be well respected by other closers
  5. Be a rockstar closer

The High-Ticket Revolution will become your #1 companion to achieving MASTERY in sales so you can stop leaking sales for good!

It’s a book about discovering the delicate and intricate craft of high-ticket closing, changing the way you approach sales, AND gaining mastery in helping prospects make an empowered buying decision.

When you start using it, not only will you stop worrying about hitting your sales targets, you’ll see an immediate jump in your closing rate AND commissions.

And you’ll do it without ever feeling ‘icky’ from having pressured someone into buying.

I’ve used the exact same techniques in my book to train hundreds of closers and sales teams over the years…

In fact, my team of closers are currently doing over $2m/month in sales for our clients… And if I can help them, I can help you too.

Here’s just a FRACTION of what you’ll find inside The High-Ticket Revolution:

  • How to turn yourself into a valuable asset to any company – master this and you’ll ALWAYS be in demand, no matter the economy
  • The secret to selling anything to anyone – understand this, and you’ll unlock greater levels of income for your clients AND for yourself
  • The ‘collaborative’ sale that makes you AND the prospect feel good about the sales call – regardless of the outcome
  • Don’t believe the myth about giving prospects choice… and why you’re only sabotaging the sale if you do
  • A tried, tested and proven approach to selling High ticket – My method has been tried and tested withover 150,000 sales calls taking my client’s sales calls via my DFy closer agency. This revolutionary method has been responsible for allowing me to personally close over $40m in sales for clients and counting!
  • The 2-step expectation disruptor that assumes control of the sales process and gets prospects intrigued to speak to you
  • The ‘Espionage’ technique of gathering intelligence on prospects – get this right and you’ll have prospects chomping at the bit to buy from you
  • Frictionless Sales – how to use the ‘wind and sun’ principle to get prospects WANTING to take the next step with you and making the sale super easy (hello commissions!)
  • The Two magic words you can use to get prospects super excited for the sale… not only will the sale become easier, your prospects will be excited to get started
  • The 4 words you MUST NEVER use in a sales pitch – ignore these at your own peril

There’s no other book on the market that gives you the inside secrets to closing high-ticket sales with integrity and without relying on old-school, sleazy sales techniques.

So, if you want to leapfrog your earning potential as a closer and future proof your career, you need this book.

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But Don’t Just Take My Word For It, Listen To What Others Have Said:

We’ve seen amazing results using Adam’s sales team. They’ve been an invaluable asset to Evercoach. In the High Ticket Revolution, Adam reveals his trade secrets to close high-ticket in a sophisticated yet elegant way where clients actually enjoy the experience! It’s a far superior way to sell and I believe having this skill will be a major asset to anyone looking to get to the top of their game in high-ticket closing.
Ajit Nawalkha
CEO – Evercoach
The High-Ticket Revolution gives you the inside secrets to achieving incredible success as a closer. Adam’s Inverse Closing Method(tm) is unique, effective and powerful – and I can’t believe he’s outlining his entire methodology for other closers to swipe and deploy inside this book.
Peter Sage
Serial Entrepreneur, and Best-Selling Author

The High-Ticket Revolution Is Based On Coaching Thousands Of Closers And Sales Teams…

Who’ve Managed To Catapult Their Sales Conversions Rates And Income – Permanently!

The Inverse Closing Method™ has personally changed the trajectory of my life, allowing me to:

  • Take holidays whenever I want to
  • Own my own home outright
  • Never have to worry about money – EVER
  • Live a good lifestyle around my own personal commitments
  • Have more freedom than I ever thought possible

Even better, it’s changed the lives of the hundreds of closers I’ve personally trained who now have the same level of lifestyle I currently have…

So, if you want to dramatically ramp up your closing rate with a simple to understand and painless system that feels good for both you and your prospects…

Then grab your digital copy of my book now for just $5.95!

The High-Ticket Revolution Will Catapult Your Sales Like Nothing Else…

The High-Ticket Revolution is NOT just another sales book.

It will show you how to skyrocket your closing rate and will work for you even if you’ve taken countless other sales programs before and not seen a difference in your closing rate and commissions.

Just to be clear, this book isn’t about the sales you’ve closed… it’s about the ones you’ve LOST…

And you can grab your own digital copy today for just $5.95, available for instant download.

And just in case you don’t like the book, let me know and I’ll refund your $5.95 immediately.

All you need to do is click the button below to grab a copy of The High-Ticket Revolution today: