Hire High ticket Closers- Outsource Your High Ticket Sales
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Hire High ticket Closers- Outsource Your High Ticket Sales

Sky-rocket Your High Ticket Sales & free-up your time

Our highly trained sales team using our proprietary sales system that will help you close more of your High ticket sales.
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$30+ Million

Closing Revenue

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Hi! I’m Adam Cerra.

If you offer High ticket services and are looking to grow your sales exponentially, my team and I can help.

As a seasoned sales trainer and manager of in-house sales teams for some of the largest coaching and service organizations in the world, I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the biggest names in the personal development, coaching, and training industries.  Over more than two decades, I’ve witnessed the way prospects like yours go through the buying process.

What I’ve discovered, as I’ve participated in sales processes that have been responsible for more $30 million in sales, is that there’s a natural decision making process that all humans engage in – and when your sales process matches the process your prospect is going through, your prospect arrives at the logical conclusion that what you have to offer is the solution they need.

Yes! You can Scale Your High Ticket Sales

Without the Pain & Hassle of Recruiting, training & Coaching sales people anymore!

Outsource Your High ticket sales to us now and we can take it from there.

If the idea of Outsourcing your sales process intrigues you, I would like to tell you about our done for you, ‘Hire Us To Close For You’ program.

Our comprehensive done-for-you service incorporates every element of your entire sales process:

  • We take your High ticket sales call
  • We follow-up with all your leads
  • We train and manage our team on your behalf
  • We continuously fine tune and improve the sales process, enabling you to meet and exceed your sales goals faster than you thought possible

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Which is the better option for me: having you train me to become a better salesperson or outsourcing my High ticket sales to you?
Q. Is outsourcing my High ticket sales to you going to be cost-effective?
Q. If I hire a High ticket closer myself or Enrollment coach, isn’t that the same as an outsourced sales team?
Q. If I were to hire you, what would the sales conversion rate be?
Q. Should I hire a High ticket closer or an Enrollment coach?
Q. How many calls can you handle?
Q. Do you have any testimonials?
Q. What am I actually getting by outsourcing my sales to you?
Q. Are you able to sell to my audience of a particular demographic?