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Stop Allowing Qualified Sales Leads To Slip Through Your Fingers!

If you’ve ever had a prospect cancel on you, or fail to show up for a sales call, then you’ve encountered what are commonly referred to as lost leads.

Most coaches, consultants, trainers, and service professionals we know, tend to ignore these lost leads. Instead they simply throw up their hands and say “oh well, on to the next one.”

But that’s a mistake. You see, what some refer to as lost leads are, in fact, untapped leads – individuals who at some point expressed interest but then never moved forward in the sales process. More often than not, they still have interest in what you offer. And giving up on them would be like leaving money on the table.

Just imagine what it would look like to your bottom line if you were able to re-engage just a fraction of these untapped leads oh, and turn some of them into clients.

Let’s say your high ticket program is generating a decent number of monthly leads – perhaps a few hundred or a few thousand a month.

Chances are you’re experiencing more than a few cancellations and no shows for your sales calls. Some may have forgotten, others got scared, or maybe they simply changed their mind.

About Adam Cerra

Coaching & Personal Development Sales Specialist

As a seasoned sales trainer and manager of in-house sales teams for some of the largest coaching and service organizations in the world, I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the biggest names in the personal development, coaching, and training industries.

  • Sales Expert & Trainer in the Coaching, Consulting, & Personal Development Industries Since 2004.
  • Creator of the Inverse Selling System
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Hiring Qualified Sales Leads

But when you re-engage these untapped leaves as part of your sales process, more money gets captured by your business, instead of getting left on the table.

To demonstrate how this works, she was the story of one of our larger clients. In an average month, they have around 4,000 sales calls booked on their calendar. While that may sound like a lot of calls, nearly 40% of the people who booked don’t show up for the call.

That’s a lot of lost sales opportunities – which is why our team got to work re-engaging as many of those prospects as possible. In a single month, we were able to recover 542 untapped leads, closing 29 of them, and increasing the overall revenue by $201,550.

That represents a 10% increase in their overall sales that month.

An extra $201,550 for simply following up with untapped leads. Prospects who most of us would have simply dismissed.

Not only does our team have the ability to follow-up with your untapped leads, but when we apply our proprietary Inverse Selling System to the follow-up process, you can expect to add 5 or 6 figures to your bottom line.

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