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Tired of getting on sales calls with qualified leads... but not closing the sale?

You’ve probably found yourself in this situation more than once. You land an appointment with a prospect who seems like they’d be a great fit for your program or service, and when it comes time to talk about money, they say “I have to think about it.”

Or maybe they even say yes to the price, but, when it’s time to finalize the deal on a second call, they cancel… or don’t show up… or worse, they disappear completely and won’t respond to any of your follow-ups.

You’re left confused, scratching your head trying to figure out what went wrong.

Not only is this frustrating, but it’s costing you precious time and money.

Sadly, this scenario is all too common when it comes to sales of high-ticket programs and services. In part, many coaches, consultants, and training professionals I’ve never made the time to invest in proper High ticket sales training.

And those who have, are often practicing traditional, high pressure sales tactics that create discomfort among prospects and make for awkward sales conversations.

What are the biggest problems with traditional sales conversations, is they accrue in a highly unnatural way. That is to say the prospect is often sitting there thinking in the back of their mind, ” I think they’re trying to sell me.”

About Adam Cerra

Coaching & Personal Development Sales Specialist

As a seasoned sales trainer and manager of in-house sales teams for some of the largest coaching and service organizations in the world, I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the biggest names in the personal development, coaching, and training industries.

  • Sales Expert & Trainer in the Coaching, Consulting, & Personal Development Industries Since 2004.
  • Creator of the Inverse Selling System
  • Closed More Than $30 Million In Sales
  • Developed, Trained, and Managed Sales Teams from 2 to 100+
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High ticket closer training

As a result, their defenses are up… and their natural instinct is to say “no” even when they logically believe the answer should be “yes.”

But what if the structure of your sales conversations with your prospects could be natural?

What if they could mirror the exact decision making process your prospect needs to make in order to arrive at the logical conclusion that what you have to offer it’s exactly what they need?

What if getting them to say “yes” was inevitable?

Not only is what I’m describing possible, but my in-house sales team and our clients are practicing it each and every day.

And we can teach you our formula for success, too!

It’s all thanks to our proprietary Inverse Selling System, specifically designed for High ticket selling, which puts you in control of guiding the conversation to the point that your prospects are closing themselves.

While traditional ways of selling revolve around convincing people what you have to offer would be beneficial for them, our High ticket sales training incorporating my Inverse Selling System provides you with the means to open up pathways within the mind of your prospects, leading to your offer…

…ultimately making the outcome of the conversation inevitable.

Congratulations… You’ve closed the sale!

High ticket sales training

This isn’t magic, of course. This entire approach to sales hangs on the fact that people buy based on emotion – and, later, justify their decision with logic. Despite what you may believe, your decision-making process is not driven by the logic of your conscious minds.

Instead, it’s your gut feelings… your intuition… your subconscious emotions that bring you to say “yes.”
Imagine having the power to guide prospects toward “yes.”

It requires you to learn a new process, of course… a new skill, a new craft, that you will continuously develop and improve. The exact process that has been tried and tested with hundreds of High ticket closers.

And with our guidance, working with you as your High ticket sales trainer, you’ll have the right structure, your very own powerful, customized script, and our expert feedback and support to propel you to success in the next 90 days.

Our proprietary 5-step system is ideal for coaches, consultants, trainers, and service providers offering high-ticket programs and services, priced at $5,000 and up.

If you’re looking to improve your High ticket closing rates, and have more predictability in your sales conversations, schedule a new application conversation to explore if our “Hire Us To Train You” program is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can anyone learn your system?

A. Yes of course! You will learn that selling is a process driven conversation. Anyone can learn my process.

Q. What skills will I gain with working with you?

A. These are some of the skills you will gain:

  • Educate, offer valuable insights and constructively challenge your prospects
  • Master emotional intelligence 
  • Learn to shape decisions and drive behaviour
  • Eliminate sales blind spots and learn how NOT to lose a sale 
  • Develop an acute sense of situational awareness
  • Learn to craft your message to resonate with your prospects
  • Learn to shape decisions and drive buying behaviour

Q. What will be the outcomes if I hire you as a High ticket sales mentor?

A. These are some of the outcomes you will see:

  • Unify the sales process so anyone can successfully replicate the results
  • Consistently and predictably convert leads
  • Charge your worth and raise your prices
  • Convert more without using high-pressure sales tactics
  • Shorten your buying cycle and improve positive cashflow
  • Hit your sales targets faster
  • Maximise your marketing spend by increasing your sales conversion rate.