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Unlock Unlimited Earning Potential: Master Remote Closing with Cerra Closer Academy

If you’ve ever dreamed of having the freedom to work when and where you want, while earning a realistic six-figure income, then consider becoming a High-ticket closer.

The ‘expert’ industry is worth billions of dollars and is actively seeking highly trained closers who can consistently and predictably sell high-ticket offers (offers between 5k and 100k+).

As a high-ticket closer, with the right opportunity, you can earn 10-20% commission per sale, which means you can easily take home 10k+ a month! 

Take the first step towards this exciting opportunity and start your training today to discover how to become the top 1% High ticket closer and claim your earning potential.

Hi, I’m Adam Cerra and I’ve successfully sold over $40m in High-ticket offers for some of the best-known influencers and experts on the planet, while my team regularly closes up to 7 figures a month in sales for our clients.

After more than 20 years in high-ticket selling where I’ve trained countless High-ticket sales teams for celebrity influencers and thought leaders, I can tell you with certainty that the expert industry has a huge skills gap shortage:

There simply aren’t enough high-performing sales rockstars who can successfully close high-ticket calls with precision.

Most sales training programs don’t work in the expert space because selling high-ticket is a completely different skill set to traditional sales…

If you’re looking to get into high-ticket selling, then this skills gap in this ever growing industry presents a huge opportunity for you!

That’s why I developed the Cerra Closer Academy™ – an advanced training program designed to turn you into a sought after closer with the right skillset so you can confidently close high-ticket like clockwork.

Best of all, you can work from anywhere in the world with just your phone and your laptop – and all in just 90 days.

Financial Freedom On YOUR Terms

If you’re serious about skyrocketing your career in high ticket sales, then my Cerra Closer™ Academy’s training will train you to become one of the elite – someone who is within the top 1% of  closers in the world!

You’ll be able to work for yourself without being chained to a desk in a job you hate and without a boss telling you what to do… even if you have zero selling experience.

You’ll enjoy greater financial and time freedom and flexibility plus the ability to work from anywhere in the world with a reliable income – WITHOUT the stress of setting up a business:

No appointment setting, no marketing or advertising, no building systems, or networking, no fulfillment or customer service and certainly NO working crazy 60 hours + a week to make money…

Instead, expert businesses send their leads TO YOU so all you need to do is get on the phone to close sales – that’s it.

You’re basically working smarter by leveraging the hard work other expert businesses have ALREADY done to bring the prospects in, without having to do it yourself.

A Huge Opportunity Awaits You…

The expert space is booming right now and companies are in dire need of salespeople who have the specific skill set of being able to sell high-ticket – a skill you’ll master over 90 days in the Cerra Closer™Academy!

In fact, you’ll easily join the top 1% of closers in the world for any business selling high-ticket.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to high-ticket selling or you’ve got years of experience behind you – with the Cerra Closer™ Academy, I’ll give you everything you need to easily hit 6 figures.

Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll be able to:

  • Skyrocket your income and earn 8-10k per month in commissions
  • Ditch the 9-5 and the boss – work for yourself instead
  • Live the ‘laptop lifestyle’ other people dream about (except, you’ll *actually* do it!)
  • Dramatically increase your freedom and flexibility to live life on your own terms
  • Get paid between 10-20% commissions on every call you close!
  • Become a highly respected and in-demand high ticket closer
  • Work from anywhere in the world – as much as you want, when you want with remote closing

So go ahead and click the button below to speak with me and see how easy it is to supercharge your career as a sales rockstar!

Selling… But Not As You Know It…

The Cerra Closer™ Academy is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen before because I don’t teach outdated tactics like ‘building rapport’ and ineffective training methods like ‘role play’.

Other sales trainers teach you how to sell better – I teach you how to think better and faster on your feet, ultimately making you a better closer.

The Cerra Closer™ Academy is based on my 5-step signature Cerra Closing Method™ which makes selling feel good – without the high-pressure sales tactics traditional selling techniques use.

In fact, with my method, prospects close themselves™ and will even thank you for it!

Coaching like no other….


As part of your intense, 90 day training, you’ll be getting on REAL sales calls where you’ll get instant feedback on your performance so you know exactly how and where to improve.

You’ll get to keep any commission you make. YES, you read right!  As you go through your program, there’s a high chance you’ll recover your investment into the program before you complete your training!

Once you’re fully trained as an Cerra Closer™, a world of opportunity will open up for you – even in roles where recruiters demand experience because with my program, you’ll have the skills, the experience AND the results to boot!

Show me ANY other High-ticket closing program that does what the Cerra Closer™ Academy does!  The more you recognise what you love about this program, the more easily you might find this is the right choice for you

Here’s How The Program Works:


Cerra Closing Philosophy

Discover a refreshing and NEW way of thinking about selling High-ticket. Understand first principles of Cerra closing™ and its unique framework. Then you will discover the Cerra closing™ mindset, its powerful engine that drives your Cerra closing™ system.


Cerra Closing Application

Develop a rock-solid understanding of your prospects and how to ‘inoculate’ against objections BEFORE they come up so you’re always in control of the call from start to finish.


Cerra Closing Script

Develop a high-converting sales script that consistently converts prospects into high-paying clients. You will discover the exact script writing method that has generated 8 figures for my clients.


Cerra Closing Calibration

With my ‘buddy system’, you’ll listen to live calls of our existing top closers so you can see how the pros do it!. Then, putting theory into practice, you’ll have a 1-to-1 with a sales coach I have personally trained to get live feedback on YOUR OWN sales calls and really put your skills to the test!


Cerra Closer™ Certification

Get certified when you complete the program and become officially recognised as a highly trained Cerra Closer™

Up until now, this training has only been available privately to companies who’ve paid me up to 6 figures to train their sales teams…

So go ahead and CLICK HERE to schedule a call with me today to discuss if this is the right opportunity for you!

See What My Students Are Saying

And More…..

Who Is The Cerra Closer Academy™ For?

My academy is perfect for you if you’re considering a career in High ticket sales or you’re already working in sales and want to dramatically improve your skills set.

It’s perfect for you if you want to:

  • Be your own boss where you’re excited to set your own targets and goals
  • Ditch the long commutes and work from anywhere in the world
  • Access world-class training so you can become an expert in this field
  • Confidently master high-ticket closing in just 12 weeks – even if you don’t have any previous selling experience
  • Accelerate your earning potential and smash 6 figures as a highly sought-after closer

My unique methodology is proven to get incredible results, even if you’ve enrolled on other training programs before with little success. That’s because I’ll give you a proven framework and formula so you can close with confidence!

However, I don’t work with just anyone. This is one program you need to be serious about your growth and very open to being critiqued and held to an extremely high standard.  

You must therefore be coachable and deeply committed to the process. If you already have sales experience, you need to be open to embracing the methods I’ll show you inside my High-ticket sales online course.

Inverse Closing Method™

is a tried, tested and proven method which I’ve personally used to grow my own DFY high-ticket closing business.

I’ve used this exact same method to scale countless high-ticket offers on behalf of my clients worldwide in a wide range of industries with huge success.

Up until now, this training has only been available privately to companies who’ve paid me up to 6 figures to train their sales teams – until now.

Unlike other training providers who boast about scaling a particular offer that only focuses on one type of niche or industry, the skills we give inside the remote closing academy are incredibly versatile, allowing you to get hired in virtually ANY High-ticket niche or industry.

If you want the edge as an in-demand closer who can sell anything to anyone, then you need the Cerra Closer™Academy.

Your path to a more successful and rewarding career as a High ticket closer starts here.

Simply click the ‘Book A Call’ button below now to speak with my team and see how easy high-ticket selling can be!

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